Travel to Hang Cop (Tiger Cave) Waterfall
After over five kilometers of pathway twisting under pine forests and slanting slopes of roots, we could hear the waterfall from afar. The atmosphere was not broken by city noises but was relaxing and peaceful. A tiger statue measuring five meters in height and 10 meters in length welcomes tourists at the entrance of the tourist site.

The waterfall is about 50 meters high and 10 meters wide, pouring down with speed and strength to make white foam cluster over granite slabs at the foot. The name Hang Cop was given by local people as the sound of the falls is like a tiger’s roar. Besides, Chil people tell a story of a fierce tiger which killed people and destroyed fields and gardens and a villager who drove the tiger away with an arrow to its leg. Chil people built a statue to commemorate the hero near the waterfall.

Yellow sunshine goes through the pine leaves, making a kind of light to soften the way. After wading through a small clear spring, we came to the top of the waterfall. From here, following cement steps down the abyss, the trees and their foliage are dense. At the foot, vapor spreads like mist and the stones emit cold, humid air. A column of white water pours down from the high mountain, buzzes into a deep pit, escapes by a twisty spring along big stones and quietly sinks into dense forest.

At nightfall we enjoyed wine with local specialties at the tourist site. Room rates are around VND100,000, tickets VND7,000 each, while food and beverages are rather cheap. A night in the jungle can be a pleasure with the cool climate, flowers and leaf fragrance, and the voices of wild nature.

People should visit Hang Cop Waterfall on the occasion of big festivals of the ethnic groups of the Lam Vien Highlands when tourists will have a chance to hold hands with Chil girls and dance by the fire.

A journey to Hang Cop Waterfall will be a trip like no other.