Discover the World Cup in South Africa 2010 !

Discover the World Cup in South Africa



At this time, the football player best from around the world are on the way to the country to sunny South Africa to win the championship tournament of champions. All eyes in the world had rushed to the "Rainbow Country" (Rainbow la Nation) to see how many test facilities or comments about this country is not ready to hold the planet's biggest competition is not correct. Now is probably not the time for debate anymore words, let the action begin and we will see!


Behind all the exciting play and the magnificent stadium that we'll see on screen and behind the clock we never cheer for your favorite team win a game in at least auction again, we will see a great country than many of his imagination.


Do not worry, this is not school history or geography test of South Africa where that is rapidly introducing some interesting things (such as Kruger National Park nearly all Dutch!). Hopefully something interesting below will help spice up a whole month for football and other activities around football on Yahoo Answers.


National rainbow


South African call their country as the National Rainbow for ethnic diversity and culture. South Africa has a population of 45 million people, use 11 languages, with English Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans is the most common local language (English is the universal language stand Thursday, most people understand English England and it is used for the purposes of economic and political).


Zulu dancers


Cultural groups and most popular is the Zulus in South Africa. They are proud to protect and live with traditional cultural practices of them, and they are very important forces against the British in late 19th century.


Unlike other countries, South Africa has three capital cities: Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative) and Bloemfontein (the Executive).


Flag of South Africa today launched the official release date 04.27.1994, in the first democratic elections after the racist regime of apartheid was abandoned.




Durban Stadium


In South Africa, sport is considered almost a national religion! Children actively participate in any sport since they were babies and want to be successful as a hero in football, rugby, cricket and any other sport you could name.


Since the first democratic elections in 1994, South Africa has a host of various sports tournaments in the world: Rugby World Cup 1995 (South Africa won), the National Football League Europe Africa 1996 (South African champion), and the Cricket World Cup Award in 2003. Since 2006, this national organization A1 Grand Prix racing.


Team South Africa has always been excellent and hard to beat in the rugby Union (Rugby Union). National team, Springboks, won two World Cup rugby in 1995 and 2007.


Bafana Bafana (the national football teams of South Africa, which means "boys") brings the spirit and hope of all nations. South African Football Association (Safa) has been banned from all football events world from 1974 to 1992, so the team winning the Cup champion the African countries in 1996 is a win great importance. But since then the Bafana Bafana its high volatility, so any speculation can occur in June 2010!


The famous South African


You may know many famous people over this, but here is a short list of South Africa who conquered the world, and if you search carefully, you will be surprised about them:


J.R.R. Tolkien, writer and author of "Lord of the Rings"


J.M. Coetzee, the Nobel Prize in literature written


Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary leader, first black president and a Nobel Peace Prize has noble


Charlize Theron, South African actress to win Oscar


Christian Barnard, the first doctors to research achievements heart transplant


Jody Sheckter, champion Formula 1 in 1979


Gary Player, golfer named in the World Golf Hall of Fame and a winner in nine big league


Desmond Tutu, Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize


Hugh Masekela, trumpet artists were nominated for Grammy



Implementation Team


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