Airlines forced to report monthly on flight delays, cancellations
Vo Huy Cuong, director of CAAV’s Air Transport Department, told the Daily last week that the new circular promulgated for Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and Indochina Airlines should provide the aviation authority with information about passenger numbers, as well as flight delays and cancellations.

The circular provides clear guidance for enforcement of the already-approved regulations drafted by the civil aviation regulator to supplement the Law on Civil Aviation. The new regulations force domestic airlines to directly inform the authority of their delays and cancellations every month.

Currently, airport authorities directly supervise operations of domestic and foreign airlines at the airport under their responsibility.

Cuong said CAAV was preparing to publicize the circular and new regulations, which will take effect 45 days after the announcement, or about in October. The aviation authority will closely follow flight delays and cancellations by domestic airlines and consider new routes and network expansion.

Cuong expected the new regulations would enable CAAV and airport authorities to find the real causes of delayed and canceled flights and monitor the customer service quality under such cases.

The circular came out following public outcry over increasing delayed and canceled flights by domestic airlines for unclear reasons and their unsatisfactory treatment of many passengers.

Regulations require airlines to compensate each passenger a maximum of VND300,000 (less than US$17) for cancellations of domestic flight over 1,000 kilometers and US$80 for cancellations of international flights over 2,500 kilometers.

The regulations say airlines are not responsible for compensation when their flights are delayed or canceled because of weather, security or technical reasons.

Source : VietNamNet/SGT