Spring rolls with a difference
Apart from its scenic spots and tourist sites, Quang Nam Province’s Da Nang City in the central region is famous for its food.
One of the better-known food specialties is the pork rice paper roll which is a dish visitors should not forget to try.
It is a kind of spring roll made with boiled pork. The meat must be taken from the rump of a pig which weighs exactly 70 kilograms. It is cut into slices not too thick and not too thin. Each slice has a layer of fat and skin at both ends, which is why it is called two-ended meat.
The meat is considered delicious if it is fragrant, sweet and fatty enough. The fat must be transparent and the cooking temperature has to be just right – a skill few cooks or restaurants can master.
To enjoy pork rice paper rolls, you are advised to use your hands instead of chopsticks or a fork. Spread a sheet of rice paper on your palm and lay on salad vegetables such as lettuce, banana flowers and carambola slices, then add some slices of boiled pork. Roll it up and dip it into a sauce before eating.
For the rolls to be delicious, the sauce is just as important as the boiled pork. A good sauce must taste sweet, salty and fragrant. It must have the sour taste of lemon juice and the hot taste of chili.
You can hardly imagine how delicious the rice paper with boiled pork tastes by just reading about it. Why not to try exploring its special flavor?
Places to eat Quang Nam-style pork rice paper rolls.