Campaign promotes Vietnamese cuisine
The taste and nutritious values of Vietnamese cuisine will be promoted through a consumer poll that will choose the most favoured dishes and award them with a "delicious" label.
This campaign, jointly organised by the National Institute of Nutrition and the Mon Ngon Viet Nam Co.Ltd, will conduct the poll from June 1 to October 31.
Consumers will send their votes for food products of enterprises from all regions in the country, as well as dishes served by restaurants in HCM City and Ha Noi, to the company after filling in attachments from the Mon Ngon Viet Nam magazine or through the company’s website at
The organisers will also set up groups of interviewers to directly ask consumers about their choice of Viet Nam’s most delicious dishes.
The most popular dishes voted by the consumers will be sent to culinary and nutrition experts for further evaluation of taste, quality and food safety and hygiene standards
The dishes chosen by this process will be awarded the Viet Nam Delicious Dish label
Nguyen Thi Lam, deputy head of National Nutrition Institute, hopes the award will encourage enterprises and restaurant owners to improve the quality of their products and dishes and to create more delicious dishes
She said organisers hope to identify about 1,000 food products and dishes from the programme. These will then be introduced to consumers at the Viet Nam Delicious Fair, held in HCM City from November 5-8 and in Ha Noi from December 10-13.
Those attending the fair will be able to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine at its best at a Food Court and also watch well-known chefs’ performances through the Food Show-Talk Show programme
They can also receive advice on cooking and nutrition from experts during the fair